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Heavy Putter B3 Putter
Also Known As: Heavy Putters B3 Putter
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Heavy Putter B3 Putter Features:
Heavy Putters, are currently offered in 6 different models. Heavy Putter, incorporates two primary head shapes and three different hosel orientations. Various conventional, mid and long putter lengths are offered. All configurations are offered in both right and left handed models

Head Composition | Heavy Putters are milled from a billet of 303 Stainless Steel. 303 Stainless Steel is a very soft metal which creates a soft putting feel.

Perimeter Weighted | All Heavy Putter heads are perimeter weighted which produces a high Moment of Inertia. High Moment of Inertia creates a high resistance to twisting, producing straighter, and more accurate putts that reach the hole.

Face Balanced | Heavy Putter heads are face balanced. Combining light grip pressure with face balancing allows the putter head to naturally find its center (square its face) at the moment of impact. Face balancing also encourages a pure pendulum stroke with a more consistent swing path.

CNC Milling Process | Heavy Putter heads are Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) milled from a solid billet of 303 Stainless Steel. The milling process creates a tight dimensional and weight tolerance and eliminates possible voids found in casting.

Diamond Cut Face | The double CNC milling process produces a diamond cut face pattern which optimizes the golf ball's roll and also imparts a soft feel directly following impact.

Surround Sight | Heavy Putter's unique "Surround Sight" semi-circle alignment aid, located directly behind the face, promotes consistent on center hits. This results in a tighter deviation of impact on the sweet spot versus a traditional putter with a line or dot alignment mark.

Parallel and Perpendicular Lines | The Heavy Putter head design incorporates parallel and perpendicular lines to promote the golfer's ability to set up perfectly to the intended target line.

Loft | Heavy Putter has determined that 3.5 degrees of loft produces the optimal roll conditions for the Heavy Putter technology.

Lie | The lie of the Heavy Putter is 72 degrees. The 12 inch sole radius is designed to accommodate golfers with various lie angle requirements. Because we fit the length of the putter to the golfer's posture, the lie angle of the Heavy Putter rarely has to be adjusted.

Hosels | Heavy Putters currently incorporate three distinct hosel configurations all of which uphold the face balanced design of the putter head. The center shafted design mounts the shaft directly into the center of the putter's top line. The heel mounted plumber's neck 6061 Aluminum hosel is anodized in Heavy Putter green and provides a full shaft offset. The double bend heel mounted shaft is available in half to full shaft offset.

Grips | Heavy Putter grips are custom made by Eaton Golf Pride in the Heavy Putter green color. The grip style is similar to the Velvet Pro model which is a textured pistol grip with a flat surface on the top.

Shafts | Heavy Putter shafts are made and custom bent to Heavy Putter specifications by True Temper Sports.

Headcovers | Each Heavy Putter model has a custom fit black headcover with the custom embroidered Heavy Putter logo and branding.

Heavy Putter B3 Putter Price/Availability
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Availability: Please Allow 3 To 5 Business Days For Delivery
Suggested Price: $229.95
Our Price: $229.00
Available Models:

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If you have any more questions about the Heavy Putter B3 Putter; do not see the model you are looking for; need custom options; or prefer to not purchase online, then please call us Toll Free (800) GOLF BHM or at (630) 782-0643.

Heavy Putter B3 Putter Quick Links: Features | Price/Availability | Reviews | Related Products | More Information | Contact Us
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